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ebsor stands for Effective Business Solutions on Request was formed in the year 1999 with a clear vision of providing quality solutions and services based on the specific requirements of the business community in the Middle East and especially in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Information and communication technology has a vital role and is more or less inevitable in today's business world where transparency and accuracy of information is truly the most important factor. Quality solutions and services are the only choice to achieve the desired goal in real sense and there ebsor comes in to the picture.

For over the years we have been meeting the needs of customers in a broad range of sectors including trading, management and manufacturing industries. There is a team of professionals in ebsor who share a passion for innovation excellence and customer focused service delivery. Our solutions are designed to improve the bottom line for our customers in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction.

ebsor is at the forefront of innovation and value adding change management in the business arena. We are not like any other solution provider or consultancy outfits. Our values and principles of mutual respect, trust and honesty with customers underpin our relationships. ebsor works with organizations and businesses that are serious about improvement and excellence in customer service.

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